Dog training Halifax Bradford Yorkshire

Could you teach someone a new dance when they’re sitting on the floor facing the opposite directions with their headphones in?

Ever tried to have a rational discussion with a three year old in a tantrum? Do you think you could?

Do you think a Greyhound sees anything other than the rabbit when it’s on the track?

No. No. No.

When we say without focus you have nothing. This is why. The reality is that if you have a reactive dog (and a lot of you do!) it’s like trying to say “hey sweetie, please don’t do that” to a child having a total meltdown in the middle of Tesco. You’ve all seen or been that parent, right?

Before you can start to have a meaningful conversation about what the relative merits are of trying to kill the dog on the other side of the street firstly, you need to have the attention of your subject. They need to know you’re there and they need to be receptive to your message.

When you have their attention you can then get your message across more clearly and with a lot less drama than you’d otherwise be facing into.

Time to tap into your dog’s motivation and help them understand that it’s in their best interests to pay attention to you !