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Which dog food.  You wouldn’t think it but what to feed your dog is often one of the most emotive and contentious issues around, with people all over the place trying to tell you what to do.

Rest easy, I’m not about to become one of them!

It’s hugely important to me that our clients don’t feel judged, preached to or made to feel stupid for the choices they have made before arriving at our door, whether that’s about food, training, lifestyle or anything else.

It’s also hugely important to me that we support people with any problems and provide information as freely as possible.

So, I can advise you that we have repeatedly observed behaviour problems which are fuelled by a poor diet and when the diet has changed, the behaviour has changed. If you’re having behaviour problems with your dog this could be one of the first things you could look at.

For puppies its important to feed a quality food whether wet or dry, to provide the nutrition that those little growing bones and bodies require. Your breeder will have given you advice about this.

Anyone who chooses to change a dog’s food should do so gradually over 7-10 days (unless otherwise advised by the maker). Normally you would reduce the current food by 10% and add 10% of the new food on the first day, then increase to 20% on day 2 etc etc. This will help prevent any upset digestive systems.

The lovely people at All About Dog Food quite regularly update their website with the ingredients and ratings for all of the dog food you’re likely to find in the UK with the exception of some very small scale niche producers.

For anyone that’s interested, we feed both a Raw diet and a dry complete (Millie’s Wolfheart Countryside Mix) to our personal dogs at Westway. We also give supplements of Cod Liver Oil, Coconut Oil, Yumove Advance, tinned sardines and recreational bones on a regular basis.

Any other questions? Let’s hear it in the comments below 🙂