Is your dog chasing birds, rabbits, deer, something else? Is he digging holes all over your garden? Obsessing about something?

Our dogs all need to have an outlet for their natural drives and instincts. The drive or instincts of your dog will vary according to their breed and also to their individual temperament.

Some of these tendencies can be a real nuisance to us as dog owners and whilst it’s possible to reduce or suppress some behaviours in the short term it’s also often best if we can find an outlet for our dogs to fulfil these behaviours safely.

If your dog is chasing the birds in the sky, deer, rabbits, ducks etc it’s clear they need to have an outlet for this chase instinct.
Two things are going to be key…the first is providing a prey/chase game with a toy which you play together. The second is a solid recall to be able to break the dog away from the chasing and back to you where the game replaces the chase and provides the outlet for that instinct.

If your dog is showing you a consistent behaviour that is becoming an issue, think first about whether this is a natural drive or instinct that’s common in that breed of dog. Secondly think about what you could do to provide an outlet for that and you may find that your problem behaviour completely disappears now that you’ve shown your dog when and where he’s allowed to behave that way !