Dog training Halifax Bradford Yorkshire

It is our experience that the fastest way to toilet train your puppy is to use a dog crate.

Crate training works because dogs don’t like to soil their beds. The alternative for the puppy is therefore to hold itself even though it wants to go.

The key here is to ensure that the crate you use has only enough space for the dog to turn around and lie down. NO BIGGER. If you have bought a bigger crate you will need to get a partition to reduce the accessible space for the puppy. If you give the dog more space it will sleep at one end and soil at the other, completely defeating the purpose. Do not give the puppy any food or water inside the crate, just a blanket and a toy (if you choose).

During the potty training period the puppy should be in the crate any time you cannot observe EVERYTHING the puppy is doing. You cannot take your eyes off them for one minute when they are loose in the home. Watch for sniffing the floor, circling or getting ready to squat. Immediately take him outside and wait 5 minutes until he goes.
Anytime you catch him in the act indoor, quickly issue the stern command NO! and immediately take him outside. If he goes outside, praise and treat as usual.

Whenever you take the puppy from the crate you go outside immediately. When the dog goes outside give lots of praise and possibly a treat using your command word. I use ‘quickly’ or ‘hurry up’. The idea here is that you want the dog to feel the sensation of going to the toilet and associate it with the word you say each time. Eventually you can say the command word and the dog will relieve themselves.

From the age of 8 weeks you should be taking your puppy out of the crate to toilet every hour to 90 minutes, including through the night. Your 8 week old puppy CANNOT hold themselves all through the night and will go. If you allow them to mess their bed it will distress them. If they mess in the crate, BAD OWNER not bad dog. This will set your training back several weeks.

Make sure you thoroughly clean the crate with the pet odour disinfectant.

When the puppy goes to bed at 8 weeks of age you WILL HAVE TO get up through the night to let the dog toilet. It is physically incapable of holding itself. Do not play with the dog in the night. Up, dog out of crate, outside for 10 mins (or until he has gone) back into crate, repeat until morning.