When we dance as a couple there is a leader (usually the man) and a follower (usually the lady). In order for the dance to be smooth and fluid there must be a leader and a follower.

Ladies….this one is for you. If you can dance in hold you will understand exactly what I mean when I say you must trust your partner, you must follow your partner and even when something goes wrong and the steps are not as expected, when you are a team together you will go with the flow and dance through it and no one will know there was an error.

When you are learning to dance and your partner doesn’t know the steps and you have to follow and you’re trying to learn the steps too, it’s HARD. There are a LOT of mistakes!! There are often frayed tempers and tears of frustration.

However, when the instructor steps in and takes you in hold something magical occurs! You can dance! You can dance steps you didn’t know you knew! You are moving and flowing and gliding around the dance floor and it’s so smooth and simple and casual and carefree. It’s easy !! Do you remember?

This is what happens to your dog when the trainer takes the leash from you. The dog relaxes, he knows the trainer is in control. He trusts that they will lead him correctly and guide him to the right place at the right time.

He goes along willingly because the leadership is clear and unambiguous, because he is enjoying it, because it’s a weight off his mind. He no longer has to think about what to do next or whether the other end of the leash is getting it right or what it is that they’re trying to say.

Learning to dance didn’t happen overnight. Hardly anyone is born with innate talent (and if you do then you are gifted and blessed). We all have to learn and to do the work. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are still in the struggle or if you’re not having a breakthrough in your training every day.

A residential training course gives your dog that foundation of understanding with an experienced ‘dance partner’ so that when they come home they’re more willing to follow your lead…even when you get the odd step wrong sometimes. From that point, you learn each other’s moves and begin to dance together. 🐾💃🐾💃