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Yeah, you’re a dog trainer. You teach dogs. We get it.

But do YOU get it? Really?

I’m feeling incredibly frustrated today with people I see walking down the street shouting HEEL! HEEL! HEEL! at their dog. It’s clear to me that in most cases the dog has absolutely zero clue where, what or who HEEL is but he’s feeling a bit anxious about you being cross and just wants this to stop.

This is why I say Teach, Teach, Teach.

I know you will all have heard this before but I really can’t say it enough. You need to help them to understand. Shape the behaviour, lure your dog with food or toys if you need to, help them with your body language, remove options for them to get it wrong. Don’t force the issue. Teach them. Add distractions gradually until your dog KNOWS it. Really. Really. Knows it.

If you want to check whether they know – Stand completely still in front of your dog. Don’t move a muscle, or your eyes. In a completely neutral voice give the command. If your dog can consistently do it, he knows it. If you’re not at that point in your kitchen, you ain’t going to get perfection out there on the road!

So on the first day of 2017 some of you will be making the resolution that this year your dog will have better manners than in 2016 and we LOVE that!

We will do our best to share more hints and tips this year with videos and how-to instructions to help you get the best out of your dog in 2017!