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These seminars are designed to help dog owners who are struggling with their dog to understand how to use clear communication and a wide range of tools.  With this training style you will build a deeper connection with your dog and be able to achieve real world results.

You might be feeling that your dog is out of control and that there’s no way back.  No matter what age or breed of dog you have, with the right tools, techniques and philosophy you will see how your dog can be trained quickly and learn how to develop your relationship with your dog.

We will spend time teaching you how dogs learn and explaining the principles of good leadership.  Julie will break down the fundamentals of training with motivation and obligation and show you how to accelerate your dog’s learning and develop better obedience and life skills together.

In this seminar, Julie will cover:

  • How to stop leash pulling in 5 minutes
  • How to become relevant to your dog
  • How to use clickers, food, toys, praise and play to motivate your dog
  • How to correctly use a selection of different training tools and collars
  • Any specific problem behaviours as they’re presented

If you’re booking a WORKING SPOT we’ll be in touch after you’ve booked to ask for more information about your dog and the area you want to work on.

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