Dog training Halifax Bradford Yorkshire

“I should probably take him for some training but I don’t want one of those robot dogs”.

I’ve heard this a few times recently from people whose dogs are completely out of control. What is a robot dog? I’m not sure I even know!! I do know that I don’t want my dog to be an asshole in public and I don’t want my dogs to be near any dog that is!!

So, what could a Robot Dog be? Are they dogs without personality? Dogs who are reluctant to exhibit natural behaviours? Dogs who are completely under control?

Well, I know you can have control without compromising on the other two. In my opinion, a dog that’s completely under control is one that will, on the handler’s command, go from playing to work and back again. It’s a dog who listens. You matter to him.

This doesn’t mean the dog has no personality. It means they understand the commands, respect their handler and want to comply because they’re suitably motivated to do so. A dog can be obedient and still be their fun, bouncy, cheeky little selves.

If that’s a robot dog, then hell yeah, we’ve got ‘em!