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This week it was our boy’s “Adoption Day” Anniversary which got us thinking about the number of people we see who introduce their dogs as “This is Fido, my Rescue Dog”.

When I look at their dog Fido, I see his breed or cross breed, his gender and behaviour. I see nothing about where he came from or what events in his life brought him here. Why do people feel the need to tell me he came from Rescue? I don’t have clients who tell me “This is Fido, My Expensive Pedigree dog from a Responsible Breeder”.

Here’s the thing. None of it is relevant. It doesn’t matter to your dog or your dog trainer where he came from. And it shouldn’t matter to you.

From the day you picked him up, he became YOUR DOG. The responsibility for him from that day until his last day is yours. A bit like getting married – for better or worse you are a team. Make it a GREAT team!

I know that dogs often end up in rescue due to issues their previous owners can’t/won’t cope with but from the point that he became your dog it’s irrelevant. He’s your dog and his issues are your issues.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Sometimes it takes longer but with the right training, tools, techniques and consistent rules you can make all the difference.

So, instead of being embarrassed by it, or worse, making excuses for it and allowing it to continue, it’s really important that you face into these challenges, take action and give him the opportunity to be the very best dog he can be.

Shape him, guide him, train him to be the dog of your dreams. Be proud of your shared achievements together and don’t tell people any more that he’s your rescue dog. Just tell them he’s your dog and graciously accept the compliments about how fabulous he is <3