Problem behaviour Dog training Halifax Bradford Yorkshire

So, let’s talk problem behaviour. We’ve seen a whole range of dog behaviour. Separation anxiety, jumping up, mouthing, barking, nipping and biting, chewing, running away, digging holes in the garden, whining and carrying on in the car, being dirty indoors the list goes on and on.

The thing is, dogs with behaviour issues didn’t start out that way. These undesirable qualities have developed over time because they weren’t interrupted at the very outset. From small acorns, oak trees grow, right?

Dogs who run to the door and bite people didn’t “just start” doing that. They have been permitted to bark, get amped up and charge around the house many many times before the first bite.

Their owners either didn’t address the seeds of this bad behaviour when it first surfaced, sometimes because “it’s only a baby puppy”, sometimes they don’t recognise it, sometimes because they don’t see the links, sometimes because they just don’t know they should.

Since these issues will rarely emerge as an overnight event, it’s not always going to be plain sailing to convince your dog this isn’t something you will accept any longer. You will need to be tuned in to all their little goings on.

Next time your dog does something, think to yourself – does this seem like a problem? Is this a little pushy? Is this behaviour getting worse or more dramatic each time we do something?

If you can nip a dog behaviour problem in the bud in its infant stages, you can really save yourself some trouble down the road when you have a serious problem in need of behaviour modification.

It’s so important that we understand how to identify and address the pushy and snotty behaviour that was going on before you find yourself with a full blown crisis situation!

If you’re ready to start work on any of these issues you can get in touch through our contact page! We can’t wait to help you get on the road to success!