Genetics: You can’t fight nature. Sometimes it’s best to go with the flow instead of tackling things head on.

The reality is that:

 Not every dog can be super social with other dogs
 Not every dog likes kids
 Not every dog likes guests visiting their home

They all have personalities and preferences and whilst we can train to improve what we have; we simply cannot change genetics. The nature of the dog is the nature of the dog and our role as responsible dog owners is to understand what we’ve got and to respect our dogs.

Respect is a two way street. We expect our dogs to respect our leadership but we must also respect that they can’t always be moulded into precisely what we would like them to be. Respect them for who they are.

We can usually tone down some of the more extreme reactions and through a relationship of good leadership and trust our dogs will accept and tolerate certain things that make them uncomfortable. Don’t forget to advocate for your dog when he’s uncomfortable.

Don’t feel pressured by anyone to force your dog to accept something he’s intensely unhappy with. When you do this you’re putting him in a situation where he is likely to make bad choices. Depending on what his issues are, they could be life limiting bad choices if, for example, he bites someone. If you’re concerned about a situation, advocating for your dog includes putting a muzzle on him. This will keep him safe and will keep everyone else safe too.

Don’t let people make you feel bad about your approach, your tools or your training methods. These are all choices you make to support your dog and to give them the best chance to succeed in our crazy world.

Don’t give up working with your dog, but be ready to accept that, sometimes, you’ve hit the limit of what he’s capable of. He’s given you all he’s got! Love and accept him for that 💙🐾💙

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