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Dog Toys

With a team of furry testers on hand we've tried nearly all the suitable dog toys available on the market.  

We decided it would be a good idea to share our views of which dog toys are capable of standing up to robust play and which ones are, quite frankly, a waste of money.  

If you're a supplier and you'd like to put your dog toys to the test, feel free to get in touch with us through our contact page.

Mighty Mutts Minty Bone

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This has got to be one of the worst toys ever!  Less than 20 minutes before it was dangerously destroyed and fit for the bin.  

This toy claims to be for "heavy weight for aggressive chewers", guaranteed for 3 years.  But when you've got a toy that doesn't last 20 minutes, what use is a guarantee?  Who'd want a replacement?  What would you with it anyway except have it in the bin within 20 min


Save your money.  You've got better ways to spend £15!


1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

Beeztees - Sumo Fit

sumo_fit-300x200This is a humdinger!  6 weeks post purchase and we've just seen the first signs of damage.  The rope has finally been shredded and binned.

The extra strong rubber has a few teeth marks in it but hasn't been punctured or chipped.  

Despite several attempts it hasn't even shredded at the rope entry or exit points (the Dobes like to shred things with those sharp little front teeth).

It's been a throwing/retrieving object, a tugging toy, something they liked to rag around by the rope thumping themselves about the shoulders with the rubber lump.  

Pretty good value at £12!


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Jolly Pets - Teeter Toy

jolly-tuff-teeter-435x283-435x283At first glance this toy looks a bit nothingy.  It's a bit like a Kong, it's a bit like a dozen other things on the market.  However, it's not the same.  It's definitely different!  

We're now 6 weeks post purchase and there isn't a mark on it.  It's been used by 3 different Doberbeasties and has bounced around the house, the driveway and the garden.  It's been in the washing machine and it's been washed by hand with a nail brush.  It's pretty well invincible!

You can use it the same as a Kong by stuffing treats and spread inside or freezing it.  Or you can just use it as an empty toy, it bounces unpredictably, also a bit like a Kong.  It has a rough outside surface texture and it stands up well to a concerted gnawing session.

This is a definite winner!


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Bionic Stuffer Toy

bionic_stufferThis was an impulse purchase when we were visiting friends overseas.  Bionic toys are known to last a long time so we had high expectations that our £12 would be money well spent.  Sadly, not the case.

Within 45 minutes of giving this to Little Miss Brown she proved that natural jaw strength is no match for the Bionic Stuffer!  

She started on one of the holes where the food goes in and enlarged that to a point where there were orange rubber crumbs all over the floor.  Not content with that she then managed to crunch down on it and separate the two halves of the moulded toy.  

Directly in the bin within the hour 🙁



1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

Molly Mutt Duvet Dog Bed

Molly Mutt Bleeker St DuvetWe were given a Molly Mutt duvet cover and stuff sack as a gift last November.  Initially sceptical of the idea, although it's designed to be totally eco friendly by recycling your own old fabric materials, we gave it a go, with a twist!

At that time our old lady dog, Miss Millington, needed some comfort for her old bones so we opted to order some memory foam chips online and we used those to fill the stuff sack to the brim.  Inside the 'Bleeker Street' duvet our old lady found comfort and happiness reigned.

You'll know yourself that when you buy a dog bed it's the best thing......for the first fortnight...after that, maybe not so good.  This bed lasted and lasted.....and LASTED!

It's been rattling around our house and washed every other week (40C standard wash) since last November and still looks damn good.  This week, for the first time, we noticed a flaw.  Since Miss Millington went to Rainbow Bridge 8 months ago, our other eldest DoberLady, who is a bed digger, has taken up her throne.  So, 8 months later, the Molly Mutt dog Duvet has begun to develop a tiny hole. 

For the money (although ours was a generous gift from friends) this is exceptionally good value.  Even though the outer cover is developing a hole it's easy enough to buy a replacement cover and keep the inside mesh "stuff sack".  The cotton twill cover is a thick fabric without being uncomfortable and very good solid quality.  

I can't say enough good things about these beds.  They're clearly designed by dog owners for dog owners and their beloved dogs.

This is a 5 star winner in our book!  ALL. DAY. LONG.  🙂

£38 (ish)

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Happy Pet Grubber Ball

Dog Toys - Happy Pet Grubber BallThe Grubber is a heavy duty combination toy available in a variety of colours, both as a round football shape or an oval rugby ball shape.  It's safe to say they've been a BIG hit with the Doberclan!

They can be thrown for games of fetch or used as a tugging item, they can be chewed HARD and stand up to it and with their knobbley bits they're good for dental health too.

They're suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.  Not sure that the manufacturer would condone this action but when they've got dirty outdoors but are still in good condition I've thrown it in a low temperature trip through the washing machine with a couple of dog towels and they've come out looking like new.   

IMG_6606Retailing around the £10-12 mark we think this is great value and great fun.  

The dogs are always willing to engage in a game with this toy and after 8 WEEKS it's still going strong.  

This is a 5 star winner in our book!


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Strong Stuff Tug

Dog Toys - Strong StuffWith a label which states "Longer Lasting", "British Bulldog Tested" and "Strong Stuff For Strong Dogs" and knowing that Sharples 'n' Grant have had this range in development for 2 years, we thought we were onto a winner.  

The Doberclan thought differently!  

After just 15 minutes it had a hole in it and seemed to be no longer interesting.  

IMG_6449Someone did come back to it half an hour later for Round 2 and once again only 15 minutes later the squeaker was removed along with a good proportion of the stuffing.  

The dogs seemed to think there was no more fun to be had with this other than to continue to empty the stuffing and shred the outer fabric.    

Retailing at £9.99 we didn't think this one was good value, it didn't provide much entertainment and it lasted no time at all.  A bit disappointing really.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Ancol Comfort Super Snake

Dog Toys - Ancol Comfort Super SnakeAncol Comfort Super Snake is huge!  It's about  metre long and has a half dozen 20cm squeaky sections all along it.  It's plush fabric on the outside but with a heavy edging.  

I thought that one of my dogs who likes to take things to bed and cuddle them might have liked this one.  I equally thought they might enjoy ragging and tugging on it given the size, but that was not to be.  The big man lay down and with those tiny nippy front teeth, he set about shredding it.  25 minutes and the first hole appeared.  45 minutes and it was still squeaking but fairly dilapidated.

IMG_6448Another 9 quid in the bin :/

I have to console myself with the fact that at least the dogs have good fun making an unholy mess of my lounge.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Nuts For Knots - Ring

Dog Toys - Nuts For KnotsIt doesn't look like much at first glance.  Simple, rope knotted ring toy.  Nothing flashy.  This, it transpires, is the key to success!  

All four dogs wanted immediately to take hold of this toy and it became something to tug, chew, throw and pounce on.  It was one of four toys that entered the house the same evening and the ONLY one to survive the night.  
Dog Toys - Nuts for Knots

Not only did it survive the night, it's still going strong more than a week later!  Yes, there's definitely signs of wear and tear but it hasn't completely died yet.  

At a nudge over a fiver we think this one has been pretty good value for money, it's gone the distance and they've enjoyed having it.  


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Kong Tugger Knots

Dog Toys - Kong TuggerKong are well known for the quality of their products, we've tried many over the years so we were looking forward to this one.  

A fabric outer with a strong rope centre running through it - not attached to each end, all the way through - we thought this had potential for the dogs who like to snuggle with a toy, chew it, throw it around and tug with it.  Seemed pretty versatile!

It took 25 minutes before the first hole appeared and a full 90 minutes before it was completely destroyed and had to be binned.


2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Karlie Flamingo Fetch


Dog Toys - Flamingo Fetch

The Karlie Flamingo Fetch didn't look like it would last that long but it was a different sort of shape to the usual rubber squashy toys and slightly different material so I thought we'd give it a whirl.

It didn't do badly at all.  It entertained one of our Dobermann trainees for nearly an hour before it had a hole in it!

Dog Toys - Karlie Flamingo FetchAt £6 it's not fantastic value but I wasn't as disappointed with this as I have been with some more expensive toys which entertained for a much shorter period.




2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)