Dog training Halifax Bradford Yorkshire get control

To be frank…that’s none of my business! It’s only my business when you bring your dog to me for antisocial and out of control behaviour.

If your dog is a little darling of a cupcake and sleeps in your bed and cuddles with you on the sofa in their own blankie every night and you’re both perfectly happy with that – more power to you! As the old saying goes – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

However, when you have a pushy, entitled, demanding, rude and bratty dog who won’t listen to a word you say, growls at you when you tell him to get off the sofa or out of the bed, snarls at your partner when they get in the bed with you or just plain ignores you in favour of pleasing themselves at every turn…then it’s time for some changes.

We don’t recommend any dog that exhibits any form of possessive, aggressive or undesirable behaviour be permitted access to your personal space in this manner. Not least because it’s just plain dangerous.

If you’ve got a dog like that, it’s time to hit the reset button and get some help !