Full disclosure - Why it's important to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to your trainer!

AKA, how do I get the best outcome for my dog?

When you come to a dog trainer for help, you

Some dogs are born anxious. It's part of their genetic make up. Some dogs have become anxious as a result of their experiences (or lack of experiences).

Whatever the trigger is for their anxiety, whether it's the presence of other dogs,

Genetics: You can't fight nature. Sometimes it's best to go with the flow instead of tackling things head on.

The reality is that:

 Not every dog can be super social with other dogs
 Not every dog likes kids
 Not every dog likes guests visiting

It's always worth remembering the fundamentals, whether you're training a puppy or an older dog, teaching something new or problem solving an unwanted behaviour the same fundamentals will ALWAYS hold true.

Your dog only does 2 things.

1. Tries to get things

For those of you with reactive dogs or who are struggling with the walk, impulse control or aggression here's the key.


Arousal is your enemy. Arousal is the point before the outburst (whatever kind of outburst that may be) when your

This can be a hot topic and one which has people coming out strongly in favour of or against this medical procedure.

Neutering is the generic term to describe the de-sexing of a dog. For males it's also called castration or

Left to their own devices, dogs will do what they want to do whenever they want to do it. When dogs live with us as pets, more accurately they will do whatever they're allowed to do, whenever they're allowed to

Is your dog chasing birds, rabbits, deer, something else? Is he digging holes all over your garden? Obsessing about something?

Our dogs all need to have an outlet for their natural drives and instincts. The drive or instincts of your dog

Give yourself a break! No one was born with the ability to drive a car.

Training and handling dogs is a lot like learning to drive a car. It takes time to develop the ability to press the clutch, steer, check

When we dance as a couple there is a leader (usually the man) and a follower (usually the lady). In order for the dance to be smooth and fluid there must be a leader and a follower.

Ladies....this one is for

Top 5 Tips for Getting The Walk Right

1. A well fitting collar and lead is the first thing, or a slip lead, but not a harness which is designed to help dogs pull.

2. Make sure the dog is calm

Whether you're trying to build a new behaviour or stop an old one, timing is key!

When we use a clicker to mark a behaviour - like a shutter of a camera capturing a moment - we must take care as

Should we protect dogs from stress? Is your dog stressed? Would you know?

It's my opinion that we should protect dogs from living in a state of stress, but not protect them from stressful experiences. Let me explain why.

When a puppy

Let's talk about exercise, what's appropriate and what isn't.
Is a tired dog a happy dog? Really?

Everyone who bought a puppy from a good breeder should have had instructions on what the right amount of exercise is for that breed as

So, let’s talk problem behaviour. We’ve seen a whole range of dog behaviour. Separation anxiety, jumping up, mouthing, barking, nipping and biting, chewing, running away, digging holes in the garden, whining and carrying on in the car, being dirty indoors

A lot of people have gone overboard with the concept of socialisation. And even more people have completely misunderstood what it really means!

As dog trainers when we talk about socialisation we don't mean take your dog out and let him/her

Crate training your puppy is a GREAT thing to do !

It means they have a place of their own where they feel safe and secure (like a den). Let's look at some of the benefits of crate training:

- You can

Which dog food.  You wouldn't think it but what to feed your dog is often one of the most emotive and contentious issues around, with people all over the place trying to tell you what to do.

Rest easy, I'm not

It is our experience that the fastest way to toilet train your puppy is to use a dog crate.
Crate training works because dogs don’t like to soil their beds. The alternative for the puppy is therefore to hold itself even

When people get a puppy they may have underestimated the amount of time and attention that they need to invest to ensure that their new family member grows into a well adjusted dog.
A sample schedule for part of the day

“I should probably take him for some training but I don’t want one of those robot dogs”.
I’ve heard this a few times recently from people whose dogs are completely out of control. What is a robot dog? I’m not sure

Yeah, you’re a dog trainer. You teach dogs. We get it.
But do YOU get it? Really?

I’m feeling incredibly frustrated today with people I see walking down the street shouting HEEL! HEEL! HEEL! at their dog. It’s clear to me that

Could you teach someone a new dance when they’re sitting on the floor facing the opposite directions with their headphones in?
Ever tried to have a rational discussion with a three year old in a tantrum? Do you think you could?

You’ll hear me talking a lot of about motivation and value. What is it? What does my dog perceive to have value?
We use a lot of food and toys in our training progams. Is this motivation? For some dogs, yes.

When do we add a consequence for non-compliance or bad behaviour? My dog is just being stubborn/naughty/disobedient!
We believe really strongly in building a solid foundation of clearly understood obedience in all dogs. This is why our residential training programs all

Could my dog have Kennel Cough?

Kennel Cough is the common name for Infectious Bronchitis in dogs.  It is a highly contagious disease which can affect any dog, of any breed, shape, size or age.  Like influenza in humans there are

Staying cool
When the sun comes out usually there’s an increased number of outdoor activities, playing in the park with children, and of course our furry friends.

When you’re slapping the high factor sunscreen on your children and yourself don’t forget that animals can

How did my dog become Cujo...
So, let's talk problem dog behaviour.  We've seen a whole range.  Separation anxiety, jumping up, mouthing, barking, nipping and biting, chewing, running away, digging holes in the garden, whining and carrying on in the car,