Crate Training Dog training Halifax Bradford Yorkshire

Crate training your puppy is a GREAT thing to do !

It means they have a place of their own where they feel safe and secure (like a den). Let’s look at some of the benefits of crate training:

– You can keep your pup safe from getting into mischief or being exposed to something harmful in your absence
– They will feel comfortable with their surroundings if they have to spend any time at the vets
– They can travel calmly, safely and securely in the car
– It REALLY speeds up toilet training
– You can separate your pup and other dogs if you have a multi dog household

So how do we go about crate training to make sure that our new baby puppy loves being in their crate?

Before we begin the training the most important thing to do is choose the right size of crate. It should be ONLY big enough for the dog to stand up, turn around and lie down. Don’t put a French Bulldog in an XL cage for a Great Dane!

Firstly, we want the puppy to feel happy about going in and out and not feeling trapped, so we can throw pieces of food into the cage to encourage puppy inside then praise and feed when they’re inside and let them come back out. As with all training, repeat, repeat, repeat!

Secondly, when pup is happy going in and out, we can start to close the door with puppy inside for 1 second and open it again, gradually building up the time the door is closed before letting pup back out.

Lastly, when puppy is in the cage with the door closed and happy in there then we can begin to add duration in small amounts gradually building up. It can be useful to pop puppy into their cage whilst they eat their meal and then letting them out when they’re finished.

Toilet training we’ll talk about in a separate post!

Puppy is going to LOVE their cage when you get this foundation right