Our Dobermann was reactive to pretty much most things. Bikes, kids, cats, squirrels, people, anything that crossed his path pretty much. A residential stay at Westway Canine has put that in the past. Walking him used to be like a military operation, planned and precise.

Now we can take him pretty much anywhere and are confident and relaxed in doing so. Julie taught us how to handle him and brought our confidence back. Now we have a dog that people comment on for his impeccable behaviour and capabilities, not his reactivity.

The aftercare support from Julie has been second to none and quite frankly we don't know where we'd have been without her. We used to argue about who wasn't going to walk him, now we argue about who is!

Anita F

Just thought I would leave a bit of feedback after my recent session with Westway Canine. From the moment Julie met my dog I could see she was in tune with him, reading his signals and body language, she talked through why my dog did what he did and showed me how to guide him and show him how he should be behaving.

She is really clear with her instructions and gives praise and correction in equal amounts, you can tell this is more than a job to her and she really is there to help both you and your dog succeed. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and left with all the tools and knowledge to progress my dog to where we are both happier, which for a person who has been dragged around by his dog for the past 3 years really is a massive deal. I just wish I'd contacted the team sooner! Thank you Julie and Kevin for your guidance. Very happy dog owner.

Stewart R

I had developed a problem where one of my dogs was attacking the other every time they were out in the garden together. In everyday life they were the best of friends and never a disagreement of any kind, but I could tell this behaviour would turn into a fight if I didn't get it under control.

I had tried various solutions, none of which worked. After discussions with Westway Canine they helped me formulate a plan which I followed exactly and had successful results from this within 24 hours. I wish I had done it 5 months ago and saved many a sore throat from shouting!

Thanks Westway Canine for fixing my problem!

Georgina K

Dog training Halifax Bradford Yorkshire

I cannot thank you enough for your help in teaching me and my HPR 8 month wayward puppy to walk at my side and sit at the road side, when we stop.

It's amazing how quickly she is learning her manners. Such a pleasant treat now to go for a walk.  Thank you Westway Training for giving us a good start.

Mrs Walker