We have three resident dogs at Westway Canine currently and not all of them were angels….once upon a time….


Leo is our littlest babydog.  He’s a brown Dobermann male who we imported from Germany.

He is bred for IPO sport (both mummy and daddy are world champions!) and he is in training now as he grows.

You’ll see some videos about puppy development on our website and our Facebook page.


Lucia is now three years old and she’s also a brown Dobermann who we imported from Germany!  She too is bred for IPO sport and she is half sister to Leo (same daddy).

She has gained her IPO3 (the highest level of qualification) and we hope to be entering some National and International competitions together next year.


Zack is our elder statesman.  He’s nine years old and we rescued him at around 18 months of age with a huge range of problems.

The rescue were considering euthanising him due to the extensive behaviour problems he exhibited including (but not limited to) the most severe dog aggression we’ve ever seen including redirection on any person nearby, severe separation anxiety, lack of house training (which was linked also to the separation anxiety), resource guarding food, showing aggression to people when he was asked to get off the couch, biting people when you accidentally touched him as he slept, inability to walk on a leash, no recall or any other obedience and so the list went on….but we loved him and we never gave up.

We worked so hard and these days he’s a chilled out handsome big boy with white whiskers and a guiding influence to some of the younger dogs we have in for rehabilitation.