West Yorkshire Dog Training

Westway Canine was created to provide much needed support for those dog owners who think they have exhausted every other option and still not found the help or the results they need or want.  We are ideally situated along the M62 motorway making our location accessible to people from Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Dewsbury, and surrounding areas.  Finding the right dog trainer for you can be difficult so here’s a bit about us.

Our unique and effective training approach consistently delivers results that delight our clients and creates a happy and harmonious relationship between dog and owner.  We have a selection of programs to suit all dogs and owners whether Private Lessons or Residential Training.

We feel passionately that we can help owners who are struggling with their dog and whose daily lives have become stressful as a result. Using the right tools, techniques and guidance, if you’re prepared to work hard, we can help you transform your dog and your relationship for the better!

The key to creating a successful dog and owner relationship is that the training you learn continues to be applied long after your lesson has ended.  This is why we give homework.

The dog you’ve always wanted is by your side, if you’re willing to do the work!

About Julie – Head Dog Trainer

So….you’re here looking for a dog trainer to help you.  There’s a lot of choice out there – different trainers all claiming their way is the right way, the best way, the most ‘scientific’ way, that their skills are superior and their results are exemplary.

Let me tell you a bit more about me, and about Westway.  That might help you decide if I’m the one for you.

Most people look for a dog trainer for 3 reasons:

1. They got a puppy and want to learn how to teach it correctly

2. They fancy trying a new sport or activity with their dog

3. They’ve got problems.

I specialise in Option 3.  People who are struggling with their dog and have problems.  Of course I am a qualified dog trainer and can teach Options 1 and 2, but I specialise in option 3.

Why do we do what we do?

The reason why I choose to offer problem solving services is because I’ve been in your shoes.  I’ve had the problem dogs.  The one with rabid dog aggression who would bite the handler.  The one with separation anxiety and no house training at 18 months old.  The one who wanted to lunge and bite people in the street.  The one who refused to come when called.  The list of problems we’ve tackled is extensive.

I’ve felt helpless and hopeless and wondered whether I’d have to take my dog to be put to sleep.  I’ve had the tears of frustration and paid the vet bills when things have gone wrong.  I understand.

I made it my mission to find out what I could do to improve the position with each dog and tried many different tools and researched many different training methods.  I learned a lot of dog psychology and behaviour analysis and changed the way I lived with my dogs.  I developed a lifestyle and training methodology that has consistently given me success both with my own dogs and with clients.

I understand what it’s like to be searching for answers, paying a lot of money to different people, some of whom make you feel like this is your fault and you’re not trying hard enough, all the while you’re living with some seriously dangerous behaviour both inside and outside your home.Contact us! Our Dog Trainer would love to hear from you!

I want to help people understand why these things are happening and how to fix it!   We can work together to solve your problems, too!

My aim is to create calm and balanced dogs, relaxed home environments, and highly satisfied and empowered owners.

If you are ready to make the changes, I’m ready to help!  Contact us today.

Julie is a member of The International Association of Canine Professionals and a certified instructor of The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and of course, fully insured.  She continues her dog training education by attending seminars and workshops around the country and internationally, most recently in Germany and the USA.