Previous Client Transformations

Our previous clients demonstrate quite clearly the progress that your dog could make if you follow the correct program. The dogs in the photos and videos below have all had problems of one sort or another and are now calm, balanced upstanding members of the canine community. We believe passionately that we have dogs in our lives so that we can enjoy each other's company. So if you're not enjoying dog ownership, or can't take your dog everywhere with you, get in touch and we'll help you develop a better relationship with your dog and be able to include them in your lives.

Indie - Residential Training

Indie came to us for a short stay focused on leash manners and confidence building.  

We taught her how to relax and allow herself to trust her handler.  She lives with another dog, both of them can now enjoy days out to different places with their family. 


Diesel - Residential Training

Diesel came to us for assessment and rehabilitation following a dog fight incident.  

Diesel's owners couldn't walk him comfortably on a loose leash, he reacted aggressively at dogs and was on high alert in the home barking frequently.  

We taught Diesel and his owners the value of a structured walk and how to respect boundaries as well as a range of obedience commands.  Diesel is now a calmer and more relaxed dog who's happy to listen to his owners. 


Baxter - Residential Training

Baxter came to us with a laundry list of issues that he was exhibiting and his owners were just miserable.  His antics had injured his Mum and put her back out causing her to take time off work and his Dad refused to take him out at all!  

Baxter wouldn't walk nicely on a loose leash, reacted aggressively at dogs, cats, squirrels, skateboards, children, people, bikes, pushchairs, you name it!  After a few weeks with us he's a reformed character and you'll see from our videos he's cool as a cucumber, even when a yappy little terrier put him under pressure.  His family are super pleased with the new and improved Baxter and they're now enjoying happy dog lives together with long walks and nice days out!


Bailey - Walk Doctor

Our client had struggled increasingly over the last three years to a point where his wife was unable to take the dog out at all and rather than enjoy a walk together it was more like a wrestling match.  After just one session we had made dramatic progress which he is delighted with and celebrated with a nice 4 mile walk the following day!  

Martha - Walk Doctor

Our client had issues with a relaxed and controlled walk with her Spaniel, Martha.  After just one session we had made dramatic progress which she is delighted with.  Martha's training is ongoing.

Max - 3 Weeks Board & Train

Our previous client brought Max to us with typical teenage hooligan behaviour.  After spending 3 weeks in Residential Training with us this little hooligan has blossomed into a fine young gentleman.  

From no previous training at all he has learned:

  • Heeling on leash
  • Sit-Stay
  • Down-Stay
  • Place (settle on your bed)
  • Come when called (recall)
  • He is crate trained
  • Travel in the car
  • Toilet trained
  • And is also fully off leash trained on all obedience commands

Group Dobermanns

When you have multiple dogs you don't want to have to walk them all individually.  It can also be intimidating for other people to encounter four off leash Dobermanns as a group!

We make sure that even when they're having a fantastic time together running and playing, the owner has always got total control over their behaviour.  This means they won't run up to other dogs or people and they can be told to lie still when people are passing by or for other reasons of control.  

The video shows all four of these dogs following recall and down commands in an open field, not in a training class, where all the real world distractions - sniffs and smells, the urge to run and play with each other and the wind in their ears all act as distractions.

Pack Walk

If your relationship with your dog isn't clear it will be almost impossible to walk with a pack like this.  Each dog has been individually taught what position they should maintain in relation to the handler.  With the right state of mind and the right tools we can teach you how to walk multiple dogs in a stress free manner.